Sunday, May 13, 2012

The extra form below your chin
Sallow, Tallow
Buttermilk skin.
Aye aye aye
Mister Pirate Man
Calling life to Sea again.
Where? O brother, where
Hast thou in Flight taken the once-too-old
Proverb of Nebby Neighbors from hoary domains
to Garbage Stars born of recycled trash smoke?


Who's to say where we come and go if our
Goings and cummings are never more
Than right out-
side your door.
Fear the unknown and fear is known.
Time grown
And trousers roll'd
Through the garden gate we strolled.
One two three
Check and mate
Alone in a dusty, musty pantry
But happy;
Smiling, content.

-found in a notebook along with addresses and descriptions of rental properties. Probably written mid 2010.

Friday, April 27, 2012


So the last thing I posted was a picture of young Stan. It needed a home on the web because it needed to be the logo for my fantasy football team - totally turned our season around.

Thank you, Young Stanley

I'm sitting here realizing I don't have anything to say. Anything, at least, worth saying.

So I guess this is a postcard from the present addressed to the past. Past because it will be years from now that I re-visit this blog; unless I need more pictures of Stan uploaded.

I'm working, and that's something that's good to occupy time. I'm still running, although it's kind of a chore sometimes. I still eat less beef than you do. Unless you're a vegetarian. Or have a beef allergy, though I've never met anyone with a beef allergy. I'm still married and we are happy.

The thing I'm looking forward to most in life is buying a house for some reason. It's just the next, logical step. And I can have a garden (a food garden, not a flower garden) and a work bench and a garage and a basement and a kitchen and people I like will come visit and we'll sit outside and drink beer. Or, if beer isn't appropriate, iced tea.

I do stuff with the church. Like tomorrow we're going to talk about important church business. Sometimes, I teach Sunday School.

It's a good life and I'm not complaining.

See you in a few months