Wednesday, May 25, 2016


The ghost of Isaac Newton came to me the other day to tell me there is no god
I said well they picked a damn fine choice of apparition to deliver the news
How do you know, anyways? and he didn't say how but then we went to the corner store for Pepsi's and
I showed Sir Isaac his fig cookies and he said they owed him royalty checks for generations

On our trip around the world, because that happened,
Isaac had to hold my hand so I didn't fall because he could fly and I couldn't unless he gave me
Magic powers too. He showed me the pyramids at night which was something I had always
Wanted to see, like Aladdin. Sir Isaac said to me that i was to be my own god when we sat at the top of the pyramids and ate bag lunches baloney sandwiches

But I didn't want to be.
I told him, I said, hey, you know how it is, Sir Isaac. Then I went off totally not sounding douche-y or condescending because hey, the guy did invent calculus, but so that we would both be sure that by the time we had finished our Pepsi's we would know our place in the universe, which Sir Isaac told me isn't really all that vast, anyways.