Sunday, May 13, 2012

The extra form below your chin
Sallow, Tallow
Buttermilk skin.
Aye aye aye
Mister Pirate Man
Calling life to Sea again.
Where? O brother, where
Hast thou in Flight taken the once-too-old
Proverb of Nebby Neighbors from hoary domains
to Garbage Stars born of recycled trash smoke?


Who's to say where we come and go if our
Goings and cummings are never more
Than right out-
side your door.
Fear the unknown and fear is known.
Time grown
And trousers roll'd
Through the garden gate we strolled.
One two three
Check and mate
Alone in a dusty, musty pantry
But happy;
Smiling, content.

-found in a notebook along with addresses and descriptions of rental properties. Probably written mid 2010.