Friday, January 15, 2010

Coincidence feels like Luck

I'm going to start writing on here more because it is good practice.

On Wednesday I went to the grocery store because I wanted bread to go with the fish and green beans I was cooking. Also Wednesday is one of the two days each week that the Powerball is drawn. I usually buy one ticket per drawing because it seems like a worthy investment. So I get my bread after muscling out an Asian couple in the checkout line (I only had one item, they had like 50) and go to the lottery-ticket dispensing machine. I slide a crisp dollar into the slot and press the quick pick button. No ticket. After thinking it best to just walk away, I reluctantly pluck another dollar from my wallet and decide to pick numbers. My finger hovers between 29 and 30. Intuition says 29, mind says 30. I go with 30.

The first ticket drops with the second; oddly enough showing a Powerball of 29. As it turns out, that night the number drawn was 27. Oh well. I don't really play the Powerball to win, but to hang on the promise that miraculous life change is possible and for all we know, imminent.