Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Ahhhhhh back in the Castle, baby. Much like the mob, you try to get out and it pulls you right back. It's been half a month and I've noticed people smile less here. Christina was verbally accosted by a drunk the one night we went out and obesity is rampant.

It's been said that politically, Pennsylvania is Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, with rural Kentucky in between. It's true. Not necessarily a bad thing, but brush your teeth. In a sick sense I'm looking forward to interacting more with the denizens of the city of my youth. There are a lot of good people here, and I hate that they get marginalized (tho I guess I'm doing the same thing).

All I know for sure is family is a blessing. Going to the LC Fair tonight. Pictures to follow.

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  1. Haha - yea, but that's probably the entire country to be honest. I remember James pointing out that his entire school in Irwin was populated by gangsters and idiots, and that eventually they turned into townies referring to the days that once were. Perhaps there are some good people in such town, but I think that most should probably steer clear of small town for most of their life.