Monday, September 7, 2009


I decided recently that I don't think I am going to vote anymore. I don't see the point. Voting for change didn't really solve anything. The shift from a Republican party-run government to a Democrat controlled one only brought on new complaints and arguments. And the constituency seems to be pissed. A recent study showed that 57% of people would like to see Congress replaced (

I began to become disillusioned with politics after the Ron Paul Revolution failed to really materialize. I truly felt passionate about what was going on there, but apparently the rest of the country didn't agree, which is fine although it made me sad. The sadness has worn off; now the whole political process seems like so much wasted effort. People's problems won't be fixed by government. Look at the health care debacle.

So instead of partaking in the burden of democracy, I'm going to put power behind my dollars. Money has more influence than politics, rather than investing time into seeing what candidate best lines up with my views I'm going to see where I want my money to go and dispense accordingly.

On an interesting side note, when I was wondering if it was a good idea to stop voting, this episode of South Park came on:

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